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William J. Hagin of Richmond Hill, GA is President of the Descendants of Pt. Lookout Prisoner of War Organization. He and his wife are defenders of our Southern Heritage, not backing down in the face of controversy . Our organization is an historical, patriotic, educational, memorial, unreconstructed, unapologetic, heritage association that is not affiliated with any other organization. Its purpose is to pay homage to Confederate ancestors: military and civilian, men and women, of all races who were POWs at Point Lookout, Maryland 1863-1865.

William is passionate about our ancestors who suffered and died at Pt. Lookout. He has done extensive travels as a member of our Speakers Bureau , co-chairs our Missing Names Project and is an active member of our Lee's Miserables POW Re-enactor Unit .

William is married to the lovely Lori E. Hagin and he has two adult sons. He served in the GA State Militia for six years and has been working at his current job for the past thirty years.

William is very active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Presently, he is Commander of the Immortal Six Hundred Camp #2600 out of Richmond Hill, GA. He is an active member of the East Georgia League of the South. Although raised as a Lutheran, he often travels to Waycross, GA to attend Freedom Baptist Church where John Weaver is the pastor.

William's GA and FL ancestry includes the lines of Marion, McElveen, Cone, Maner, Warnock, Hagin, Groover, Gnann, Exley, Wise, and Warnell. His Pt. Lookout ancestor is Cpl. Jesse Kittles Warnock, Co. H, 7th GA Cav. who was captured at Trevilian Station, VA on June 11, 1864. He perished at Pt. Lookout on July 9, 1864. His name is not on the Pt. Lookout Cemetery Monument. His other Pt. Lookout ancestor is Sgt. Andrew Jackson Cone, Co. I, 18th GA Inf. who was captured at Cedar Creek, VA on October 19,1864. He survived Pt. Lookout. Sgt. Cone gave a description of Pt. Lookout Prison Camp in the Confederate Veteran Magazine, Jan. 1912, pg. 524.

Remember the movie “The Patriot” … The Maner family owned land from St.Peter's Parish in Black Swamp, SC to Screven County GA. Two Maner brothers, William and Samuel, served as Captains under General Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox, and it was Maner land where the meeting took place as the men returned to re-group that night in the swamp! Also, remember the scene where the town people met in the church and it was later burned down? The preacher was Rev. William Cone known as the “Fighting Pastor,” … William’s 5th great grandfather! His family’s patriot blood is dripping with courage and honor.

"In the cotton fields of Georgia"

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