Point Lookout Civilians

In March 1865, it was reported that 301 civilians were in Point Lookout Prison!

Records on civilians seem to be rather sketchy though occasionally the number of deaths of civilian prisoners were included in the weekly reports. In a total of five weekly reports in early 1865, thirteen citizens were reported to have died. If it is figured that on the average two to three citizens died weekly for the period that the camp was in operation then the death rate among civilians was in excess of FIFTY PERCENT of those imprisoned. Undoubtedly they could not stand the hardships of the camp as well as the seasoned soldier. Many of the civilian prisoners were blockade runners as some 96 prisoners so designed were released during May 1865...Pt. Lookout POW Camp for Confederates by Edwin Beitzell

"When re-interring the dead at the Point, I found 70 unknown Confederate dead and others had been buried outside of the Small Pox Hospital"....E. Edward Gilbert, Agent of the Quarter Master Dept., July 12, 1866.

Among the civilians imprisoned in Pt. Lookout that we have names for are:

  1. Bradburn, John S. Ran blockade. Was imprisoned "and" escaped!
  2. Brock, Hezekiah from Chesterfield County, SC
  3. Byrne William, citizen of MD
  4. Caswell, Car. Blockade runner, St. Mary's County
  5. Cole, R. Died at Pt. Lookout. Name NOT on monument
  6. Connelly Mr. - Merchant at Clifton Factory
  7. Clarke, Robert for carrying letters (dealing in contraband supplies) between MD and VA. Arrested in Leonardtown, MD.
  8. Downs, James S. He was editor of "St. Mary's Beacon". His presses were confiscated for printing Lincoln atrocities.
  9. Foxwell, James L. Blockade runner, St. Mary's County
  10. George, Alexander. Died at Pt. Lookout. Name NOT on monument
  11. George John, from Lancaster County, VA. He was sixty years old.
  12. Gough, Joseph T. of Medley's Neck, MD
  13. Harding, Richard. Died at Pt. Lookout. Name NOT on monument
  14. Hodges, J. W. dealing in contraband supplies, from St. Mary's County
  15. Humphreys, William T. Died at Pt. Lookout. Name NOT on monument
  16. Jones, Dr. J. N. from Isle of Wight County, VA.
  17. Litten, John. VA civilian, died at PL, name NOT on monument
  18. Mattingly, John, from Leonardtown, MD
  19. McGinnis, Nicholos w/his un-named colored man, blockade runner
  20. Moore, J.W.J. Washington Hotel proprietor
  21. Norris, William from MD
  22. Norris, James Romanus. Citizen of St. Mary's County.
  23. Paul, Captain George from Medley's Neck, MD
  24. Pearch, Washington. Blockade runner
  25. Rivers, Drew. Died at Pt. Lookout. Name NOT on monument
  26. Scott, William. Blockade runner from St. Mary's County
  27. Spaulding, C.C. from Chaptico County, MD.
  28. Spencer, Mr.
  29. Swan, Robert, dealing in contraband supplies, captured in Leonardtown, MD.
  30. Tate, Hampton. Free colored man, blockade runner.
  31. Thomas, Wesley. Blockade runner, St. Mary's County
  32. Slye D. W. Citizen of MD.
  33. English, James W. (surveyor from Westmoreland County, VA)
  34. Mr. Bush (from Lancaster County)
  35. Cartwright, William Joshua, St. Mary's County
  36. Herriman, Melvin Harrison, Chaptico, St. Mary's County (originally Maine)
  37. Mattingly, Thomas Dominick, Chaptico, MD

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