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Point Lookout Ministers
  1. Athey, Samuel Milton, 8th VA Inf. Co. K
  2. Carrol, Rev.
  3. Crymes, Rev. Thomas from Franklin County, GA (Baptist Preacher)
  4. Eddy, Rev. from TX
  5. Morgan, Alonzo, (Methodist minister from SC)
  6. Reese, Parson from VA
  7. Tabb, Rev. Father John (Priest of Amelia County, VA)
  8. Traywick, Rev. J. B.
  9. Walker, Rev. William W. from Westmoreland County, VA (Methodist preacher)
  10. Capt. Alexander Maness Co. D 21st VA Inf. (perished at Pt. Lookout)

Mr. Alonzo Morgan was with an Engineering Corps from Sumpter, SC. He taught school in a vacant cook house at Point Lookout. He had prayers every morning before school and preached every Sunday. He had 150 men to attend his school in the first month, which soon grew to over 1200. He often signed his name "Supertendant P.W.C. School." ...Pt. Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates by Edwin Beitzell, pg. 60, 62,106,197

POW Bartlett Y. Malone wrote in his Pt. Lookout diary: We have a preacher to every division in the Camp. Mr. Carrol preaches to our division which is the 8th...."Pt. Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates" by Edwin Beitzell, pg. 60

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