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Point Lookout Ladies
  1. Davidson, Mrs. Hunter captured in Annapolis, MD January 1864.
  2. Davidson, Kath ...blockade runner, captured in Leonardtown, MD on April 15, 1864.
  3. Gilliam, Mary E. C. from Dinwiddie County, VA captured in Leonardtown, MD on April 15, 1864.
  4. Perkins, Jane A. VA Artillery, captured at Spotsylvania Court House on
    June 8,1864.

Point Lookout Babies
  1. Little Artillery named by the other POWs on the night of his birth, July 11, 1864. His mother was Jane A. Perkins. To read a Poem about this child, click here.
  2. Un-named black baby boy, born Sept. 1862, in the contraband camp.His mother's name was Mary Jane.

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