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Point Lookout Teachers

There has been a school established for the benefit of those who wish to be instructed. It is under control of a University of Virginia graduate....Diary of Charles Warren Hutt, March 15, 1864, Pt. Lookout POW

  1. Arbogast, William S. of Co. E 25th VA Inf., Died at Pt. Lookout
  2. Bell, M. C.
  3. Blackwell, J.D.
  4. Brock, John William Clark of Co. A 57th NC Inf., Died at Pt. Lookout
  5. Carter, H. J.
  6. Coates, W. A.
  7. Free, I.W.
  8. Gwaltney,K. J.
  9. Hughes, J.
  10. Moore, E. P.
  11. Morgan, Alonzo, (Methodist minister from SC)
  12. Newman, A. J.
  13. Newman, T.
  14. Postman, G. N.
  15. Piper, P.R.
  16. Smith, D. C.
  17. Strout, J.N.
  18. White, J.J.

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